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The Atmospheric Optics Group of Camagüey (GOAC from its Spanish name) has its origins in the research group initially formed to study stratospheric aerosols, the Camagüey Lidar Station (CLS), from which took its original name. The natural development of the group is part of the working strategy designed in the early 90's of last century. That strategy was oriented to the assimilation of knowledge and know-how for conducting research on solar radiative transfer processes in the physical geographical conditions of our country and region.  Its execution has enabled the group to continue the research on solar radiation transfer processes while it is beginning to provide scientific and technical services of high added value.

The general goal GOAC is:

"The study of radiative transfer processes in the atmosphere in the conditions of our country."

It consists of two specific goals:

  • To characterize, through instrumental observations, the meteorological elements involved in the processes of radiative transfer in the atmosphere in the conditions of our country. (Aerosols, clouds, etc.).
  • To characterize the processes involving the above meteorological elements using instrumental observations and numerical simulation.

The GOAC functions are:

  • Conduct scientific research leading to the fulfillment of objectives.
  • Implement the results of the scientific investigations as high added value technical services for internal and external users.
  • Building capacities with high level of theoretical and /or experimental specialization.
  • Manage, in conjunction with the appropriate bodies of the local Delegation and the International Cooperation Body of the Ministry of Sciences the international collaboration for technology and knowledge transfer to and from our country.

Explore our site and known as the GOAC meet its goals and performs its functions.


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Members of GOAC Attended a Workshop on Climate Consequences of a Nuclear Conflict.

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During the 14th and 15th of September, 2010 the Workshop “Climate Consequences of a Nuclear War” was held at the National Hotel in Havana city.  The e...

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

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Signed the extension of the Cooperation Agreement between the University of Valladolid and the INSMET.

Valladolid University plans to conduct research on atmospheric particles in the Sahara. Valladolid, 10 ago (EFE) .-The study of the ultramicroscopic s...

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

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Start of the Service of Solar Radiation Diagnostics at Camagüey.

The main goal of the Camagüey Lidar Station (CLS) team is to study the process of radiative transfer in the atmosphere in the conditions of our countr...

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

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Signature of the Second Research Cooperation Project.

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 Second Research Cooperation Project between the Institute of Meteorology of Cuba and the University of Valladolid, Spain. As part of the Coopera...

Friday, 6 November 2009

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