Requirements to travel


You will need a Passport or an equivalent travel document valid for at least 6 month from the date of your arrival to Cuba. It must be issued at your name and carry a color photo.

Visa to Cuba or Tourist Card.

If you visit Cuba for a tourist trip it is enough to get a Tourist Visa or Tourist Card (Type A-1 Visa, according to Cuban Customs regulations) at any Cuban embassy or consulate. Also you can purchase it at any authorized travel agency or airline office, usually whichever that sell trips to Cuba. Priced from $15 to $25 USD, it is valid for enter and leave Cuba once for 30 days, extensible for another 30 days period.

Travel agencies often sell the Tourist Visa within a packet including airplane ticket and optionally a lodging reservation. There are Tourist Visa for individual persons and for tourist groups.

There are several countries that subscribed visa exemption agreement with Cuba; if your country is one of them you probably don’t need a visa, depending on the scope of the agreement. Anyway, here you can take a look of the list of those countries. In case you don’t need a visa, you must present the embarque-desembarque Card.

Any time you enter Cuba you will get a stamp on your Passport or Tourist Card from the customs officers as evidence of your visit exept for American citizens. For the residents on Unites States, click here.

What documents should I present in order to apply for a Tourist Visa in the Cuban consulate?

If you decide to solicit a visa in a Cuban consulate you must present your valid passport, a round trip ticket and tell about the place where you plan to lodge. Visa for individual tourist gets ready in the same day, for groups may last a little longer. Many of consulates offer this service via Internet.

More about the Tourist Visa.

Airlines will not permit you boarding any flight to Cuba without a Tourist Card. Minors also need a Visa or Tourist Card, regardless of being annotated on parent’s passport. Visa has 6 month of validity from the emitting date. Tourist Card is only valid with a stamp from the emitting entity (travel agency, airline or consulate). If the motive of your trip is other than recreation or pleasure, then you will need another type of visa which can be only solicit on Cuban consulates or embassies.

What do I have to do in order to prolong my Visa?

Once in Cuba, you can do it for another month in the “Dirección de Inmigración y Extranjería” (Immigration and Foreign Office) of whichever province capital city or major tourist pole along the whole country. This procedure is going to cost you $25 CUC in tax stamps and you must apply for the extension a week before the date of expiration with the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Visa or Tourist Card.
  • Travel ticket with the new date.
  • $25 CUC in tax stamps.
  • Demonstrative document of lodging prorogue (e.g. Guest card of hotel or the “Casa Particular” bill).

Medical insurance policy

All foreign tourists without exception, in order to enter the Cuban border must have a travel insurance policy with medical expenses coverage or a medical expenses policy forwarded for an insurance entity recognized in Cuba.

You should verify that your insurance policy with medical coverage is valid in Cuba and bring with you the documents that accredit that fact, like the insurance policy or certificate. Most insurance companies are recognized in Cuba, excepting Unite State insurance Companies.

United States citizens or the Cuban American people traveling to Cuba can buy a travel insurance policy with the airplane ticket.

What to do if i don’t have an insurance policy with medical coverage valid in Cuba?

You can obtain it ether with the travel agency where you buy the travel ticket or at your arrival to Cuba, right in the very port, airport or marina.

If you want to purchase it in Cuba, you have two insurance choices to pick one, provided by Asistur S.A. Company:

Option A, with a price by person by day of $2.50 CUC, covering:

  • Medical expenses for sudden sickness and accident --- 10 000.00
  • Repatriate and Transportation --- 10 000.00
  • Personal Civil Liability --- 10 000.00
  • In advance bail payment --- 5 000.00
  • Assistance --- 1 000.00

Option B, with a price by person by day of 3.00 CUC, covering:

  • Medical expenses for sudden sickness and accident --- 25 000.00
  • Repatriate and Transportation --- 5 000.00

People elder than 70 years and those who want to participate in sport competitions or practice high risk activities (like diving, mountaineering, parachuting) must pay an extra fee of $2.00 CUC a day.

During your stay in Cuba, hopefully not, you could need to use any of the services covered for your insurance policy, in doing so you should contact your original insurance agency, they will help you and will contact with Asistur SA for you. In case of an emergency, or if you fail to contact your original agency, you can directly contact Asistur SA thru his alarm central using the followings phone numbers: (53 7) 866 8527, (53 7) 866 8339 y (53 7) 866 8920.

Asistur S.A. Company works all around the clock, 24 hours 7 days a week.

Vaccination International Certificate:

This is exclusively necessary for travelers coming from countries with yellow fever or endemic cholera; or from places declared infection zones by World Health Organization.