Custom Information

Passengers must declare to the Customs everything that is not part of their personal belongings.

Passengers that travel as tourists

The Convention Concerning Custom Facilities for Touring, of which Cuba is signatory, establishes dispositions that will be applied the tourist whose personal belongings, under the regulations of temporary import, are free of duties and taxes, on the condition that they are for personal use and that they are re-exported once they exit the country.

These regulations establish, besides clothing, personal hygiene items, make-up, and other personal possessions, the following articles of temporary import:

  • Personal jewelry
  • A photographic and film camera
  • A device for projecting slides or films
  • A portable musical instrument
  • A sound device, including recorders, portable compact disc readers and Dictaphones
  • A portable radio receiver
  • A cellular phone or mobile
  • A portable television device
  • A portable typewriter
  • A personal computer
  • A calculator
  • A stroller
  • Toys (underage passengers)
  • A wheelchair
  • Sporting equipment

The accessories that come with these articles should be in a reasonable quantity.

Articles exempt of payment

  • Articles or products are subject to payment when their value is inferior to $50.99 pesos
  • 10 kilograms of medications, as long as they are transported in a separate luggage away from other articles and in their original containers, except for those medications that are specifically unauthorized or that are subject to special requirements or permits.
  • Scientific, technical, arts, and literature books, teaching material, reading materials for blind people, musical scores, badges, medals and prizes granted abroad. The artists, sportsmen, scientists or people invited to participate in events organized in Cuba are authorized the import of products exempt of payment whenever they are needed in such a condition, as well as anyone who has been granted this benefit by means of international agreements that Cuba is part of.

Import and Export

The articles or products that are not part of the passenger's belongings cannot exceed the total value of $1000 pesos.

The passenger cannot carry drugs, narcotics, hallucinogenic or psychotic substances, unless the passenger has the corresponding medical prescription; explosives, firearms and ammunition, unless they have expressed authorization from a competent entity; hemo-derived; literature, articles, obscene or pornographic objects, or materials that go against the general interests of the nation; species protected by the Convention on the International Trade of Threatened Species of Fauna and Flora without permission from the rightful authority.

On the way out of the country passengers are not allowed to carry more than three units of any nationally produced medication, except for those that are necessary for the¬† continuation of the ¬†received treatment as specified by the health center and in this case nonresident passengers are required to have the official corresponding invoice; patrimonial works or pieces with historic value; books, pamphlets and series of publications that have a more than 50 year-old publication date, as well as Cuban books of an "R" edition, unless the person transporting the item has a Certificate of Exports from the Cultural Heritage Register; cash money in amounts superior to $5000 USD or its equivalent in another currency that has not been declared when entering the country or that doesn’t have authorization from a Bank; more than 100 national Cuban pesos (CUP) currency; more than 200 convertible Cuban pesos (CUC); books, manuscripts, ¬†incunabular books or books that are stamped by a Public Library or other organisms and institutions of the country; objects with numismatic value without corresponding authorization; paintings and sculptures acquired at sales if they don't possess the seal that authorizes their export, if this is the case the appropriate permission can be solicited.

Export of tobacco

Passengers should verbally declare to Customs all the tobacco that they have with them or in their luggage. There is no need to present any kind of document when the amount is not larger than twenty (20) units of rolled tobacco cigars. If the amount goes up to fifty (50) units the exit will be under the condition that they are contained in their original closed and sealed container and with the official hologram. If the amount exceeds the fifty (50) units of rolled tobacco cigars the owner must present the original sales invoice provided by the official group of stores authorized to market this product and they must be contained in their original, closed and sealed container and with the official hologram. The export of branches, leaves or any other materials related to the tobacco industry is not authorized. Mechanically produced small cigars (smaller than three 3 grams) of any of the registered brands and in their original containers are not subject to any restriction or requisites, unless they have a commercial purpose.

Taxes on departure.

International airports have an established tax upon exiting the country for a value of $25 CUC.