Signed a Cooperation Agreement between the University of Valladolid and the INSMET.



Dr Ángel de Frutos Baraja, Coordinator of the Optics Atmospheric Group of the Universitiy of Valladolid and Dr. Juan Carlos Antuña Marrero, PI of the Camagüey Lidar Station, Camagüey Meteorological Center, signed a Letter of Intention on October 28th 2005.  The goal of that document was to establish an official and mutually beneficial cooperation between both teams, by installing at CLS a sunphotometer and a particle impactor.  Also it expressed the interest to try to built jointly and operate two tropospheric lidars one at Camagüey and other at Valladolid for studying tropospheric aerosols properties.  It was made explicit the interest in conducting joint research projects using the former equipment and satellite information.

Signature of the Agreement by Dr. Ángel de Frutos Baraja by the University of Valladolid and Lic. Dositeo García Bargados by the Meteorological Institute.


As result of the joint work and the negotiation based on the cited Letter of Agreement on November 21st 2007, in the Natal House of Carlos J. Finlay in Camagüey city, took place the signature of the International Cooperation Agreement between the University of Valladolid, Spain, and the Meteorological Institute of Cuba.  The document was signed by Dr Ángel de Frutos Baraja, Coordinator of the Optics Atmospheric Group of the Universitiy of Valladolid, representing the President of that University and Lic. Dositeo Garcia Bargados, Director de of the Camagüey Meteorological Centre representing the General Director of the Meteorological Institute of Cuba.

El Dr. Angel de Frutos y el Lic. Dositeo García intercambian los convenios firmados.

Dr. Ángel de Frutos and Lic. Dositeo García Exchange the signed documents. 

Also the Specific Agreement for the execution of the first project of the Agreement entitled “Study of the optical properties of the tropospheric aerosols at Camagüey, Cuba”, was signed.  The documents were signed representing the Universitiy of Valladolid by Dr Ángel de Frutos Baraja, representing the  Meteorological Institute of Cuba and the Camagüey Meteorological by Lic. Dositeo Garcia Bargados, by the Territorial Delegation of Ministry of Sciences in Camagüey Eng. José Amado Castelló and Eng. Eida García Velázquez by the Ministry of Economic Cooperation.

El Ing.José A. Castelló junto a la Ing. Eida García Velázquez, representantes del CITMA y del MINVEC, respectivamente, firman los Términos de Referencia del primer proyecto de colaboración entre el Instituto de Meteorología y la Valladolid.
Eng. José A. Castelló and Eng. Eida García Velázquez, representing CITMA and MINVEC, respectively, signing the Specific Agreement of the first cooperation project between the Cuban Meteorological Institute and the University of Valladolid.

This project is destined to determine the optical properties tropospheric aerosols in the eastern region of Cuba using sun photometry.  The seasonal behavior of such properties will be determined and also there will be inferences about the possible origin of such aerosols.  The information from the impactor will also be used for studying the particulate matter in the surface according to the PM10 and PM1 standards.  Particular attention will be paid to study the aerosols of Saharan origin.  The results of this investigation will have both national and international relevance.


Dr. Juan Carlos Antuña, Titular Researcher of the CLS was present together with members of the CLS team and representatives of several institutions in the territory.  Also representatives of the press media attended the activity.

 The signature of the Agreement has been reported by several national and local press media.



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