The Second Workshop on Lidar Measurements in Latin America was held during 24-28 February 2003 in Santa Lucia Beach, a location on the north coast of Camagüey province. The event was hosted at Hotel Club Amigo Mayanabo. This workshop was sponsored by the Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research (IAI), by the European Spatial Agency (ESA), and by the Cuban National Research Program on Global Change.The workshop was preceded by a pre-event course during February 17-21 hosted at Hotel Plaza in Camagüey city. In this course were developed different topics relationed with Lidar techniques. The main aspects of this workshop are included in a Report published in the IAI Newsletter No. 32, July-September 2003.

International Organizing Comittee

Dr. Juan C. Antuña (Presidente) Estación Lidar de Camagüey, Cuba.
Dr. Pablo Canziani  Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Dr. Barclay Clemesha Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Espaciales, Brasil.
Dr. Alan Robock Universidad de Rutgers, Estados Unidos


Local Organizing Comittee

 Dr. Juan C. Antuña (Presidente) Estación Lidar de Camagüey, Cuba.
 Tec. René Estevan Estación Lidar de Camagüey, Cuba.
 Lic. Boris Barja Estación Lidar de Camagüey, Cuba.