Domingo, Junio 17, 2007
18:00 — 19:00    Acreditación
19:30 —    Coctel de Bienvenida
Lunes, Junio 18, 2007
09:00 — 09:20   Apertura
09:20 — 10:00 B. Clemesha The early history of atmospheric lidar
10:00 — 10:40 S. Jain  Lidars for Atmospheric Probing: A Review
10:40 — 11:00 E. Wolfram  Ozone DIAL measurements in Argentina as part of SOLAR Campaign
11:00 — 11:20 Receso  
11:20 — 11:40 M. B. Lavorato  Evaluating several methods to determine Cirrus Clouds properties using lidar measurements in Cuba and Argentina
11:40 — 12:00 E. Landulfo  Lidar Activities in São Paulo, Brazil
12:00 — 12:20 D. Simonich  Separation of Rayleigh and Aerosol Scattering Using Pure Rotational Raman Scattering
12:20 — 12:40 A. S. Torres Evaluation of the Optical Efficiency of a Raman Lidar System for Water Vapor Raman Lidar Calibration
12:40 — 13:40 Almuerzo  
13:40 — 14:20 G. Held TroCCiBras and its partner projects HIBISCUS and TROCCINOX: The 2004 Field Campaign in the State of São Paulo
14:20 — 14:40 F. Vargas  Comparative study of gravity wave amplitude growth obtained from lidar and airglow image data
14:40 — 15:00 P. Sawamura AERONET Sunphotometer Products and Backscatter Lidar data: Systematic Intercomparison over the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil
15:00 — 15:20 P. P. Baptista Rayleigh lidar measurement of an unusual stratospheric temperature profile following the major stratospheric warming of 2002 at a low southern latitude station
15:20 — 15:40 D.Orozco Classification and characterization of atmospheric aerosol in Popayán – Colombia
15:40 — 16:00 M. Adam Howard University Raman Lidar results during WAVES 2006 field campaign
16:00 — Receso  
Martes, Junio 19, 2007
09:20 — 10:00 J. C. Antuña A Lidar Network in Latin America in the context of GALION
10:00 — 10:20 B. Barja  Numerical simulation of cirrus cloud radiative forcing using lidar backscatter data. Preliminary results
10:20 — 10:40 

R. Estevan

 Stratospheric aerosols measurements at CEILAP, Argentina: two cases study
10:40 — 11:00 A. Fonte  Using stratospheric aerosols lidar measurements from Mount Pinatubo to simulate its radiative effects
11:00 — 11:20 Receso  
11:20 — 12:00 A. Vassilis Characteristics of biomass burning aerosols over SE Europe determined from Lidar and sunphotometric measurements
12:00 — 12:20 E. Giannakaki  Optical and geometrical properties of cirrus clouds over a mid-latitude lidar station
12:20 — 12:40 R.i-E. Mamouri Systematic measurements of water vapor profiles over Athens, Greece, obtained by a combined Raman-Elastic backscatter LIDAR
12:40 — 13:40 Almuerzo  
13:40 — 14:20 E. Armandillo  Future Lidar missions and Development activities at the European Space Agency
14:20 — 15:00 G. Pappalardo  Coordinated lidar measurements for aerosol study on continental scale: EARLINET results and future developments
15:00 — 15:40 U. N. Singh 2 micron Pulsed Lidar Technologies to Simultaneously Profile Wind and Carbon dioxide
15:40 — 16:00 D. Whiteman  WAVES (Water Vapor Variability – Satellite/Sondes) – An Aura satellite validation field campaign hosted at the Howard University Research Campus in Beltsville, MD
16:00 — Receso  
Miércoles, Junio 20, 2007
09:20 — 10:00 D. Winker Observing Aerosols and Clouds with CALIPSO
10:00 — 10:40 P. Hamill  Using Lidar Data from Space with Correlative Measurements of Gas Species and a Microphysical Model to Quantify Stratospheric Processes
10:40 — 11:00 M. Veenstra LIDAR & Scintillometers, Kipp & Zonen/Campbell Scientific
11:00 — 11:20 Receso  
11:20 — 12:00 R. Delgado Active and Passive Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Aerosols: UMBC Atmospheric Lidar Group
12:00 — 12:40 E. Quel  Lidars at CEILAP (CITFA-CONICET), Argentina
12:40 — 13:40 Almuerzo  
13:40 — 15:00   Discusión
15:00 — 16:00   Sesión de Poster
  A. Sobral Lidar/Cimel aerosol optical thickness measurements in Sao Paulo during the year of 2005
  A. Molina Web Lab Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) - Automating the LIDAR system using labview software and developing a meteorology virtual course based on LIDAR results.
  C. A. de Matos Determination methods of the mixed layer height using a lidar system in the city of Sao Paulo
  D. Orozco Design and construction of a sunphotometer for the optical characterization of atmospheric aerosol in Popayán-Colombia
  E. Landulfo Results from first Lidar Measurements in the central state of São Paulo during the TroCCiBras 2004 Campaign with IPEN’s Aerosol Lidar
  W. M. Nakaema Second Harmonic Generation and Investigation of Electric Charges of Aerosols and Cloud Droplets Using a Terawatt LIDAR System
  H. Gordillo Simulation of backscattering parameters from in situ measurements at four DAGMA† monitoring stations in Cali, Colombia
  E. Rodríguez Aerosol optical properties of tropospheric aerosols derived from Lidar and sun photometer measurements at ALOMAR (69N) in 2005 and 2006
  J. V. Pallotta New optics for the LIDARs of the Pierre Auger Observatory: Design, simulation and construction
  P. L. Morais Application of wavelet methods to study the wavelike structures in the mesospheric sodium layer
  R.-E. Mamouri Aerosol lidar measurements in the Planetary Boundary Layer and the free troposphere over Athens, Greece
  A. Bastidas Computation method for the inversion of the two-frecuency lidar simultaneous
  B. Dimitris CALIPSO correlative measurements over Thessaloniki EARLINET station: First results
  F. J. da Silva Multi-Instrumental Study of Aerosol Optical Properties over the city of São Paulo: LIDAR, Sunphotometer and CALIPSO Satellite
  E. Gonçalves Detection subvisual cirrus from LIDAR system and implamentation of cloud mask to satellite images
  W. C. de Jesus An optimal-inversion method to lidar data analysis
  S. Toshio Correlation of data of LIDAR and an atmospheric model: A case study
  L. A. Otero Aerosol and Water Vapor Raman Lidar System at CEILAP, Buenos Aires Argentina
  J. O. Salvador Observations of stratospheric aerosol derived from ground-based lidar during SOLAR campaign and correction of ozone profiles in Rio Gallegos – Argentina
16:00 — Receso  
Jueves, Junio 21, 2007
09:00 — 10:00   Clausura
10:00 — 19:00   Actividades Sociales
19:00 — Banquete  
Viérnes, Junio 22, 2007
09:00 — 12:40   Visita al INPE, São José dos Campos
12:40 — 13:40 Almuerzo  
13:20 — 19:00   Visita al IPEN, São Paulo
19:00 —  Cena