The IV Workshop on Lidar Measurements in Latin America was held in Ilha Bela, São Paulo, Brazil in 2007. This workshop was another step in the development of the Latin American lidar community and in the implantation of a lidar network in the region. In previous workshops steps were taken towards the formation of a lidar network with the participation of around 20 researchers and students from the area. Financial support for this workshop come from both local and international sources, such as the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), in Trieste, Italy, the Inter-American Agency for Global Change Research (IAI), the Centro Latino-Americano de Física CLAF, the Optical Society of America (OSA) and the European Space Agency (ESA). A Report was writed with the main achievement about this workshop, as well as, the new challenges for next workshops.

In the frame of this workshop was recognized the Dr. Barclay Robert Clemesha by the Lifetime Achievement, who, since the lidar technique beginning, began his work in this theme.

Some important suggestions was made in the course of the discussion session, such as, the organization of a Lidar Summer School in Latin America. Other suggestion was to add two more pages to the existing WLMLA site. One page will contain links to the most relevant lidar literature. The other will have links to the regional and international opportunities for graduate and undergraduate fellowships in the area of lidar. The attendees agree that it will be crucial for the effectiveness of such pages that anyone with relevant information should contribute.

International Organizing Comittee

Dr. Juan C. Antuña (Chair)

Dr. Eduardo Landulfo (Co-Chair) IPEN, Brazil.
Dr. Barclay ClemeshaINPE, Brazil.
Dr. Errico ArmadilloESA.
Dr. Marcos AndradeUMSA, Bolivia.
Dr. Angel de FrutosUniversidad de Valladolid, España.
Dr. Eduardo QuelCEILAP, Argentina.
Dr. Dave N. WhitemanGSFC-NASA, USA.
Dr. Alvaro BastidasUniversidad Nacional Sede Medellín, Colombia.

Local Organizing Comittee

Dr. Eduardo Landulfo (Chair)IPEN, Brazil.
Dr. Barclay Clemesha (Co-Chair) INPE, Brazil.
Dr. Dale SimonichINPE, Brazil.
Dr. Alexandre Pimenta INPE, Brazil.
Dr. Paulo Batista INPE, Brazil.
Dra. Maria Paulete Martins Pereira Jorge INPE, Brazil.


Main Topics

Lidar technologies and methods.
Fundamental measurements.
 Process studies and applications using lidar data.
 Space programs.