The main goal of the Camagüey Lidar Station (CLS) team is to study the process of radiative transfer in the atmosphere in the conditions of our country.  For achieving such a goal it is in course the characterization of the factors intervening in those processes in the conditions of the atmosphere in Cuba (Aerosols, clouds, etc.).  Another of the goals is to characterize the process in which the cited factor intervene using instrumental observations and numerical simulation.

In the Camagüey Meteorological Center has been operative an actinometrical station, type Yanishevski, from the earliest 70´s.  That station it is in its 40th year of operation.  The CLS team have been conducting the data rescue of the stations originally in paper and digitizing then.  The dataset have been reprocessed and subject to a rigorous quality control using a proper designed and implemented software.  Building on those results the Servicio de Diagnóstico de Radiación Solar en Camagüey has already began to operate.  In a press conference conducted on January 19th 2010, at the Natal House of Carlos J. Finlay in Camagüey city the start of that service was announced to the press and other institutions attending the activity.  Among those institutions were the University of Camagüey and the Territorial Delegation of the Agriculture Ministry.

Dr. Juan C. Antuña Marrero introduce the activity.

In this activity the most recent scientific results of the CLS were shown.  It were shown the first results of characterizing the particulate matter at Camagüey using a particle impactor.

MSc. Boris Barja González  shows the results of  the measurements  conducted using the particle impactor DEKATI.
Eng. René Estevan Arredondo presents the results of the CIMEL CE-138 sunphotometer measurements.

During the activity also the actual state of the solar radiation data rescue were shown as well as the first applications already been implemented.

Tec. Carlos Enrique Bruneta showing the first results derived from the solar radiation data rescue project..

Finally the presentation of the Service was conducted.  The operation of the web site of the Service was demonstrated, explaining the information displayed in it.  By means of this Service the hourly values of the solar radiation variables measured at the Camagüey Meteorological Station are available in the Web.  In addition other meteorological variables are shown.  Also the site provides historical values of the solar variables.

Tec. Teresita Hernández Cordero demonstrates Service of Solar Radiation Diagnostics at Camagüey.

This exchange with the press and local institutions was sponsored by the Sociedad Meteorológica de Cuba (SOMETCUBA), Filial Camagüey

Exchanges between the attendees and the members of the CLS..